Impressive Heat Embossing

This is another class in my Level 2 of Altenew Educators Certification Program.  Altenew is known for their beautiful floral layering stamps.  They can have up to six different layers and you get different effects based on if you use them all or only some of the layers.  So, it stands to reason if you heat emboss in layers, you can also create some gorgeous images.

I started with the Altenew Crown Bloom stamp set.  I tried it three ways before I was satisfied by the outcome.  I’ll walk you through this so you can decide if you want to try this and how it might work for you.  I am using embossing ink and powder for layers rather than dye ink.  There are three ways you can do this –1. Emboss the stamp (normal embossing), 2.  Stamp a color then use clear embossing powder over it (in case you don’t have the color of embossing powder you want), and 3. Emboss, heat, then emboss another powder over the first, second, etc. I did all three in this card.  The small floral sprig was done by straight embossing.  I put white cardstock in my Misti Stamp positioner, then used anti-static powder on the paper.  I positioned my stamp then inked it with Altenew embossing ink.  I did this twice just to be sure I had good coverage.  Then I took it out of my Misti and poured Altenew Antique Gold embossing powder on it before heat setting.  Then took the coordinating die and cut it out.

The next stamp was the leaf.  I started first by prepping with the cardstock in the Misti and then adding anti-static powder.  First used the Antique Gold for the outline of the leaf.  The next layer of the leaf was more solid and since I didn’t have green embossing powder, I stamped it with Altenew Firefly ink. Then again used the anti-static powder and stamped it with embossing ink.  I applied clear embossing powder and heated with my Wagner heat tool.  The clear embossing powder nicely allows the green ink to show through but gives it a bit of a shine.  I chose not to use the third layering stamp of the leaf.

In the flower I planned to layer the embossing flowers over each other.  Whenever embossing powder is used it is always best to use anti-static powder all over the cardstock so the powder only sticks to the area you want.  Plus, when doing multiple layers, you need to use anti-static powder between each layer for best results.  I tried this flower three ways before really getting what I liked.  On the first try I embossed the gold outline, then on the next layer stamped pink ink, (I forgot the clear embossing powder layer), the continued to emboss the next layer with the Altenew Rose Gold embossing powder, then Altenew Caribbean Sky (Blue) embossing powder, then gold again for the stamen ends.  Not happy.  It looked sloppy.

Second try, I stamped the second layer first with Altenew Rose Quartz ink.  The following steps were taken beyond this:

  1. Embossed the same stamp as pink layer with clear embossing powder and heated it.
  2. Embossed the third layer of the stamp using Rose Gold powder then heating it.
  3. Embossed the base center stamp with Caribbean Sky Blue powder and heated it
  4. Embossed the Antique Gold outline stamp over all of it which helped to show more detail.

This was better but still not as good as I wanted.  Starting again I

  1. Prepped the cardstock in my Misti with anti-static powder
  2. Positioned the SECOND layer of this stamp and stamped it with the Altenew Rose Quartz ink
  3. Wiped my stamp clean
  4. Inked the same stamp with embossing ink, stamping it once
  5. Added Altenew Translucent Pearl embossing powder and heat set it
  6. The THIRD layer in the set I positioned over the already stamped second layer, matching points on the flower as best as I could.
  7. Used the anti-static powder, then embossing ink to stamp once
  8. Added Rose Gold embossing powder and heat set it
  9. Went to the base center stamp for the flower insides.  I positioned this again, lining up the points with the already stamped images.
  10. Used the anti-static powder on the paper and embossing ink on the stamp to stamp once.
  11. Added the Caribbean Sky Blue powder and heat set it

At this point it was looking better than any before it so I finished by using the anti-static powder on the paper, positioned the FIRST outline layer stamp, matching up inside and outside points the best I could.  Then stamped it once with the embossing ink, added the Antique Gold embossing powder and heat set it.  That layer brought the flower all together with some detail but with multiple layers of color.  Even the translucent pearl embossing shined in the light.  YAY, I could then use the coordinating die to cut it out.

Now I had my three components to add to a card base.  I created an oval cut from a piece of cardstock that matched the lightest pink in the flower.  I cut an oval on size larger out of Reflections Shimmer Gold cardstock…just gives a nice shimmer to the white paper…and glue it to the inside of the card front.  I then positioned my elements with the sprig and leaf glued flat and the flower popped up with some foam tape.  I chose the Altenew peace dye for my sentiment, cutting it from the oval I cut out the pink cardstock.  I decided I wanted it to stand out a bit more so I followed all the embossing steps and heat set the lettering with the Rose Gold powder.  When cool, I glued it in place with liquid glue.

There was one more element that this class taught.  Embossing powder will stick to any wet surface, not just the embossing ink.  So, I splattered some water on the top of the card and sprinkled the Rose Gold embossing powder on it then heat set it.  It came out looking as if there was splattered ink…just enough to add some interest.  To finish the whole card, I added some Studio Katia clear drops.

This was a big lesson.  Lots to take in.  Here are some takeaways:

  1.  Always use anti-static powder between layers
  2. Practice to get the desired results
  3. Don’t be afraid to use only some of the stamps as the embossing powder is thick –it’s hard for fine detail to show
  4. Don’t be afraid to use the layers in a different order than what is on the packaging.
  5. Only one stamping of embossing ink was enough for a fine layer of powder rather than thick with two stampings.

Then most of all:  ENJOY your results!!  May PEACE be with you all today!

2 thoughts on “Impressive Heat Embossing

  1. Sande Woodson October 3, 2020 / 6:35 pm

    Another beautiful card Penny! You must be close to the end of Level 2! 🥰😊


  2. Erum Tasneem October 7, 2020 / 2:21 pm

    Looks great! I think a neutral card front would have made the floral arrangement pop more!
    Thank you for entering your work to the AECP assignment gallery.


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