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Ah, my last class for Level 2.  Here’s hoping it’s good enough to keep going. The dictionary gives the definition of Polychromatic as “of two or more colors; multicolored”.  Lots of color and multiple colors can be beautiful together.  Probably…

Creative Watercolor Media

The AECP Level 2 watercoloring class teaches ways to watercolor WITHOUT the usual watercolor paint pans.  Options include using re-inkers for ink pads, layering inks from pads to help show depth, smushing, and shimmer sprays or regular spray ink.  I…

Masking Unleashed

Well, it’s almost Halloween so of course we want to get out the masks!  For cardmaking you can create some depth and dimension by masking your stamps to show one behind the other.  This AECP lesson showed six different ways…

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